14 September 2014

The Society of Football Widows

My boyfriend fucking loves football.

It compels him and moves in him a way I don't quite understand, although I do try. His allegiance to his (and, by default, I suppose, my) team - Arsenal, if you're interested - goes far beyond support. His team has the ability to make him feel exasperated, hopeful, proud, despairing, ecstatic, frustrated and enraged - just like an actual relationship. Is your significant other like this? If so, you're probably an unwitting and reluctant member of The Society of Football Widows: an unofficial club for those who become demoted to second position as soon as the Premier League starts.

Maybe you attempt to be interested and adopt his team as yours (even if this only means, as in my case, pointing out the most handsome players during the odd match).

Maybe you literally could not give less of a fuck, but you love him anyway.

Nevertheless, you are a Football Widow, like me.


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